The Avast scandal shows us that users need to capture the value of their data themselves

Following revelations that the antivirus software provider Avast was harvesting and selling its customers’ browsing data through a subsidiary called Jumpshot, the subsidiary company, valued at $180 million, has been shut down with immediate effect … Streamr


5 Takes on Data

I started a new podcast, it’s called 5 Takes. In each season I interview five different experts on a specific topic. The first season is on data. Here’s the first episode where I speak with Francesca Bria about the European Model for the data revolution. The content is fairly high level and aims at an audience who’s new to topics like data sovereignty.

How the utopian vision of Web 3.0 clashes with reality

This odd combination of activists and investors shows an interesting trend: The makers of Web 3.0 are sort of re-enacting the dream activists had already a long time ago. The difference is that the blockchain followers come from a completely different place. They are rather libertarians funded by venture capital who don’t mind enriching themselves in the process. Whereas activists traditionally built their anti-surveillance tools with little (governmental) funding… Hackernoon


An Experiment in Partial Ownership

Traditionally ownership is the state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property, which may be an object, land, real estate or intellectual property. Through tokenization ownership can be shared by a group. Similar to stock, token holders can hold a share in a company or co-own a plot of land. However, people seem to get uneasy when being confronted with the idea of partially owning a piece of art. Who wants to have the Mona Lisa’s nose if you have to share the rest? … Institute of Network Cultures

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